Fat and Fifty …..nah it’s not for me…


So I thought I would start out with the true horror of the situation….I have been in the process of starting on this journey for a little while now but physical aches and pains have been the true motivator for me….

Saying what my weight is on the great wide web is hard this is possibly the heaviest I have ever been in my entire life and it’s also the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in my entire life.

This morning I stepped onto the scales and I am 124kgs (274 lbs give or take points of a pound) and on my way now…not sure where this journey is going to take me but I hope wherever it is it’s to feeling healthier and fitter and less achey (if that’s not a word it should be!)

A wee while ago I tore the meniscus in my knee….suffice to say it is painful and it’s not something that’s going to go away and a heavy load is not something that’s going to help it any.

Eventually I assume something will need doing to it (aka surgery) so I will need to be fit to have this too….this is about forward planning. I need to think about getting older as

it’s becoming a reality!!

I am almost 48 1/2 years young… the big 50 is looming which is fine because age is just a number…right?

BUT …and it’s a BIG BUT (yeah pun intended!!)……with age… things degenerate it’s just a fact of life.

50 is giving me a goal to work towards…it might take longer…it might not but it gives me a marker.

This is one of thousands …millions of blogs / diaries following the journey of weight loss (no wonder the weight loss industry is such a massive revenue earner!). The bottom line though as we all really know is ….you lose weight because you put fewer calories into your body than you use up….it’s not rocket science….we all know it…. but doing it is something completely different.

We can all look for a quick fix but the reality is unless you are prepared to go under an anaesthetic and have someone suck the fat out of you there is no quick and permanent fix other than a healthy diet and exercise…..(INSERT HUGE BLEURGH HERE!!!).

So today is the first day and I’m going to really try to make a go of it…and I thought to start off with I’d put myself out there warts and all (actually I don’t have warts 🙂 ) and hopefully other people might be able to offer their thoughts on what’s worked for them and what didn’t……any easy recipes and things that could be made in bulk and freeze well (that would be awesome!) …especially if they are following the Slimming World Plan.

So I’m putting myself out on the web and see what the weight loss gods bring back to me…..but never fear because if it’s nothing then all good too because at least I will be honest to myself and I’ll have a record of what I’ve been doing and how things are going….

Oh and I forgot to add my goal is to go for 80kgs …initially that is which is about 176 lbs (12.5 stone) which I think is still over the recommended weight for my height (5ft 71/2) ….but for now that still seems so far away that it’s just a number.

The only other solution is to grow to about 7ft 6″ and that isn’t going to happen…. so healthy eating it is


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