24th August (Green)




A Milk


B All Bran

B 85g Bacon


  • 28g All Bran, 2 oranges chopped up and 100g of low-fat greek yogurt (1)


  • Mini Vegetable Frittata’s , Apple, Orange


  • 85g Bacon, Jacket potatoes (I did 3 small ones but I could have had as many as I wanted). Mayonnaise **


Now I don’t really know the syn value of the Low fat greek yogurt but from what I can see 100g of Easiyo Low Fat Greek base (the yogurt I use) made up as per instructions is 1 syn. A packet of Easiyo powder is 140g – that makes a litre of yogurt so even if you had 200g of yogurt at a time the syns would be negligible……BUT I’m giving it 1 syn because then it will keep me in check for going mad with it.

I’m going to use Slimmer’s natural yogurt as my basic “go to” yogurt which would be syn free but I like greek yogurt so the one thing I would like to do is not deny myself foods….that is a recipe for disaster. Going for tastey food …I absolutely cannot do bland or boring …that is a sure-fire way for me to end up chucking my hands in the air and giving up. I know the food can be great tasting doing it this way so I’m going to allow myself the flexibility to do just that….and the Low fat Greek Easiyo is negligible in syns so I’ll use it for my breakfasts because it’s nice and creamy with a bit of a tang…YUM!

So things I have thought of since I started this yesterday

  • The old SW plan allowed 1x Health extra A and 2 x HE B’s but it seems now that two of each are allowed which is helpful as milk straight away takes up one HEA (gotta have my cuppa tea!) and means I can’t have cheese…2x HEA’S means more flexibility if I want it…..again I might not use it but at least it’s there (so my point is I haven’t used everything today but that’s OK (I’m off to work in a mo so this is always a weird day but I will make it from midnight things start afresh so I’ll have my breakfast for tomorrow sometime during the night).
  • I thought I would start off allowing myself up to 15 syns per day – I don’t have to use them all but at least they will be there if I do want them.

** I make my own mayonnaise but once I make it up when I use it I mix it 1:1 with low-fat yogurt so I treat it in the same way as a low-fat Mayo so 2.5 syns per tablespoon.


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