Labneh..strained yogurt cheese.


Bless you !!

Now seriously looking into the Laughing cow cheese thing got me thinking about cheese that was low in fat but cheaper than buying it in the shops..the average price seems to be anything from $14.76 – $18.per kg.

So I thought I would make a soft cheese from straining the Greek yogurt I had in the fridge….I had taken about 200g out of it this morning for breakfast so it’s not a full KG of yogurt but it will give me an estimate of what I could get out it cheese wise…..

Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of salt and popped into cheesecloth and left to drain the whey …and there you have it…. Labneh…ta-da!!

Watch this space …it’s hanging up in a cheese cloth at the moment straining. Then it’ll be decision time re how much it costs compared to what I can buy….tick tock….

This will be able to be used on both Green and Red days. This has less calories than the Laughing Cow so I reckon it’s going to be a winner. Now I’m working on the principle that the yogurt has only 2 syns for the whole Kg so the cheese is going to be pretty much syn free….if there’s anyone out there who knows different then I’d love to know but I think I will go for giving it a syn per 200g in the same way I do with the yogurt until I find out different or it has any effect on the healthy eating.


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