So a week has passed and it was time to get on the scales..now other than having to be more organised with my food I don’t feel like I’ve been on a “diet” which is good because I don’t want to feel like I’m on one….not that this surprised me because I didn’t feel like I was on a diet the last time I did this ….I just stopped being organised!

So the numbers because that’s the important thing.

I lost 2.7kgs which is 5.95lbs…..YAY!!! Happy me 🙂

Now I’m not going expect this every week (as much as it would be nice) but I’m happy about the numbers for a first week. This weight loss means that my BMI has gone from 42.5 to 41.3

Just for information (for anyone who doesn’t know about it)
The body mass index (BMI), or Quetelet index, is a measure for human body shape based on an individual’s mass and height. The link shows the BMI chart.

Wikipedia BMI Chart

A BMI of more than 30 puts anyone in the obese category….so I’m in there well and truly!! The more that number lowers the better. The goal is to get a BMI of no more than 25 which from my ticker you will see means I need to lose a lot more weight!! Now I’m not being defeatest but I may not get that low and that’s not because I don’t want to but the last time I did SW I got down to around 80kgs and that was pretty slim for me and I felt good…so we’ll see how I look and how I feel as the numbers goes down.

It seems like it’s a long way away but I can’t think about that …I’m down 2.7kgs and that’s what I’m going to do ….see the numbers going down not look at the number I’ve got to get rid of (otherwise I think I’d sit in a corner rocking!).

So week 1 is behind me and week 2 starts. I’ll take the things that I’ve learned from this week and use them for this one but now week 1 is gone and is only as good as the loss it brought ….I’ll wait and see what this new one brings.

I’m not doing any exercise as such …don’t get me wrong I’m no slouch we live on a small farm, I work full time (I’m a nurse) and I have a 7 year old…my life is never slow BUT at some point I will try and build “proper” exercise into my day..it will need to be thought out carefully because of my knee but it will be worked out somehow.

Goals for next week….stay organised has got to be the priority because without that everything goes wrong….keep on eating the right things (very important), make sure I don’t feel hungry (very VERY important!!) – as for numbers it would be nice to lose a kg or 2lbs (which is just a bit less than a kg) either way I’ll be happy if it’s a loss…beyond that I don’t have any other goals.


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