I’ve been thinking…..

Writing about the size of my meal got me thinking about the size of meals aka portion size….which naturally leads onto portion control….something which can be a bit of an issue (whether it be increasing you weight or losing it).

Now for someone who normally has one meal a day and it’s usually a large meal (and I wonder why I put on weight) it’s an issue….but you walk that fine line on not wanting to be hungry and wanting to lose weight.

Meals like the Lasagne are the perfect example…it’s syn free so it’s REALLY low-fat but it’s filling. So if you have a big appetite and that’s where struggles have occurred when changing to healthy eating (I’m trying to avoid using the word diet here) then something like this is perfect.

SW say you should never feel hungry….it might seem like that’s not possible but it is…and I’d forgotten just how much of a reality it could be.

So I need to seek out more syn free meals that I like…and I know that seems like an obvious statement to make but how many times have you eaten something on a “diet” that you couldn’t stand and just sucked it up for the sake of losing weight…..I have done more diets over the years than I care to think of – now I will cover myself here from litigation (what a wonderful society we live in eh?) the opinions I express here are my own – you don’t have to take me at my word make your own mind up ..please:
* The Cambridge diet – OMG the asparagus shake was like something out of the bowels of hell !!
* The Ham and Beetroot diet – Oh yes I did… and the ironic thing was I couldn’t stand beetroot at the
when I know it’s pointless I like beetroot what is that all about ?!
* The Cabbage soup diet – Oh come on who has not tried that who waged war with their weight?! The whole house smelt
like a cabbage for weeks….my family were delighted LOL !!

I could go on but what’s the point…anyone who has gained a few years on this planet will see them for what they are and yet (unless they develop true insight) will give the next “miracle cure” a try if it comes out just because…you never know (said with that downcast look but a hint of hope in the voice…if you have been on this rollercoaster we call weight issues…. you know the one).
Anyone who hasn’t been on this lovely planet we call home won’t listen anyway and will have to go through the horrors of the shakes and concoctions….it’s just a right of passage but hopefully you will gain insight sooner rather than later….it’ll save you a lot of pain (and money!).

If you don’t have the money to join a slimming club then just as a thought invest in a few classes…get the books and then, if you have the willpower, go it alone. You can do it and if you need support..well there’s plenty of it out there on the great wide web…..if it works for you it means you’ve paid out only a small sum – and don’t feel bad for the slimming clubs there are plenty who don’t have the willpower and do have the money that will keep them going.

Investment is a good way of viewing it…get the literature and then use it to your advantage now….there is no better investment than in your health..
Your body is the only one you have – that seems like such an obvious thing to say doesn’t it? … I just wish, once I realised this 10+ years ago, I had remained organised and carried on looking after my body.
BUT…It is NEVER too late it can’t be because anything you do that’s positive towards your body’s health has got to be a good thing…..even if it gives you even an extra day with your family and friends.

I’m hoping this time I’ve got it and more importantly I’m going to keep getting it….I’ve got a shed load of clothes in suit cases from when I lost weight before and there are things in there I love and I reckon they’re still in fashion ….I hope 🙂


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