I am already feeling better…I think my skin looks fresher …I feel lighter – well I am lighter that is a fact!

I already feel less achey and the more I am aware of all these things the more enthusiastic I feel about what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong I know this is the first enthusiasm of being healthy and maintaining just doing this is the real test….this is not for the next few weeks months this is a life long commitment to make my life longer.

I don’t want to be a stick.. I don’t yearn to be a thin reed…I think woman with curves are real…and I am a real woman! I’m not knocking thin or fat I’m advocating healthy and feeling OK. If I had felt OK I wouldn’t be doing this..but as I’ve said before I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and the aches and pains were just not doing it for me.

I will put up some pics at some point …not yet….I am going to be one of those before and after people but I want it to be so that I can see a difference….this is all about me after all LOL!! Anything I post in my little piece of the web is to help me make the shift to a healthy me …of course I hope it helps someone else because I’ve been helped by reading other people’s postings (and I will add them all in my links as I wander through this process because I constantly read).

I am inspired by other people’s blogs ….they help keeping me going and they usually don’t even know it (actually that’s something I should put right and tell them…I will get on to that)…..if my experiences help even one person somewhere out there then I would be made up…..keep passing it forward.

It’s funny how things can be the catalyst for change….I had been thinking about losing weight for so long…as I have mentioned the aches and pains were getting to me and yet I hadn’t done anything about it….I’ve been thinking though why I suddenly got my butt into gear and decided to sort it all out now….I have said I will be brutally honest posting here and so I will…..when I thought about what was really the catalyst that started this off I realise it wasn’t as a result of the aches and pains it was ….a uniform fitting!!!

We haven’t worn uniforms at work but recently the offer was put out there (I won’t go into why because that’s a whole other story!) but anyhoo I decided to get fitted for one…and was horrified LOL!!

So the catalyst was vanity!!!

I’m going to go and lie down in a darkened room now and work on my self awareness LOL!!


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