Yogurt into cheese…another go


I tried out making a variation of the Labneh with the low fat cheese….same process ..make the yogurt (or buy it if making it is not your thing) and then into some cheesecloth and let it strain for 24 hours or there about.

Verdict…I like it!! It’s got a quite tart taste but last night I had it in my baked spuds..now this does two things…

1) It gives you cheesey mayonnaise

2) It means you don’t have to use butter in your spuds because the mayo cheese mix gives you that creamy mixy thingy (that’s techno speak Smile with tongue out)

I mixed in with a bit of sweet chilli sauce and I have to say it was delicious.

I have to remind myself it’s all about taste….the better things taste the less you miss fat….I’m serious!!! Make something bland and you sit there hating a “diet”…make something that has loads of taste and it stops being a change of your diet and is just something that tastes really nice.

It’s all about changing your mind set…play games with your own mind.

As I said this is not a “diet” it’s about changing your whole diet…it’s not about depriving yourself its about eating healthily. Yes it removes fat from your diet but my body doesn’t need fat in the diet anymore than the minimum …it’s got enough of it’s own.


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