I forgot to weigh myself yesterday !!!! It’s always difficult because I was back to work and I find my first night back I’m extra tired.

I weigh myself when I first get up whenever that be (morning or afternoon) depending on if I’m working or day off….so basically I’m trying to weigh myself “at the same time” in my day according to what I’m doing and not the hour….does that make sense.

Today I lost 200g …sorry where’s the rolling on the floor smiley !!!!  🙂

BUT (that big buts still there !!)…..it’s a LOSS so I don’t care !! 😛

Maybe I should stick to all Green days…and I need to investigate exercise I can do with my knee in mind because I need to do this too.

That means that’s almost 6.5lbs lost in 2 weeks which is not bad and it lets my skin retract without ending up looking like a Sharpei (not a good look unless you’re a Sharpei!)….that’s 6.5lbs less for my skeleton to have to carry around which can only be a good thing eh?

So week 2 is gone and week 3 is now the focus … I’m not about instant achievement I’m in this for the long haul (I’m going to have to re-read these posts when days are crap!).


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