Rice Pudding….the discussion…


I told you I’d discuss about the rice pudding…OK it’s taken me a few days but then I’ve posted about my eating habits this evening regarding the last few days because life just seems to have got away from me organisational wise.

Anyhoo the rice pudding…

I tried making a rice pudding with water and natural yogurt – I had seen it on the internet somewhere and thought I would give it a go….can you imagine a rice pudding that wasn’t synned out of this world?

Well I wanted to be able to and  It was a nice idea…pity the final pudding wasn’t nice …I’m sorry but it was absolutely awful !!!! I wouldn’t even feed it to my pigs because they have discerning pallets and would have thought I’d lost the plot….and maybe I had temporarily.

So I made a rice pudding as I normally would when I make a quick one….now before I go any further I will say I have a jam maker and whilst it is very good for making small amounts of jam (you know when you get some really lovely fruit but you don’t want to make pounds and pounds of jam) – it will make a kilo of fruit jam easy peasy ….it is a very lazy way of making jam because basically it stirs it for you …how good is that?!

Anyway I digress because really I shouldn’t be talking about jam when I trying to cut down calories etc etc (but it does make good jam)…..it also makes really good rice pudding. Not the oven baked skin on the top kind of rice pudding but for those who know of Ambrosia creamed rice pudding that’s in tins …it’s just like that …..but better because I use full cream raw milk straight from the cow.

So I will normally use about 1.5 litres of milk in the jam maker and a cup of rice and at the end a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

I didn’t eat a quarter of the pudding but I allowed 15 syns because of the milk (I synned 175mls and used a Healthy A for another 175mls) and sugar – the rice was free because it was a green day. So there you go I ate gloriously decadent rice pudding with no regard for low fat anything in it …and more’s the point I could because I synned it.

Now obviously I’m not going to do that every day but I like that I can do it and not feel guilty and not feel I am being deprived of anything. I’m allowed decadent every now and again…yes it may slow down my weight loss but you know what I can deal with that because I don’t feel like I’m “dieting” ..and isn’t that what it’s all about at the end of the day – this is about making a lifestyle change  ….for life. So if I’m going to make changes in what I eat I’m going to enjoy eating it or I’m not going to eat it at all. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep looking for a yummy rice pudding that’s lower in fat and ultimately lower in syns …I know I can use low fat milk  so now I’m going to look at getting a cream separator and see how much I can reduce the cream content and still keep the taste.

If there’s anyone out there who has a low fat, tastey rice pudding recipe that’s slimming world friendly let me know…I’d really appreciate it.


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