Green Day…sort of..


Today I knew was going to be all wrong as I didn’t plan for it properly….I worked last night and my son had an archery competition and that was going to be followed up by the committee meeting (I’m the club secretary and hubby is the equipment manager LOL!) so we didn’t get home until about 5pm in the end.


A Milk


B Bread

B Sausage x1


  • Fruit and yogurt


  • BBQ precooked Sausage sarnies (2 slices of bread with a sausage wrapped in each one), onions and tomato ketchup (not much because I don’t really like it but it made things taste a bit more interesting.

Now I have no idea how much these sausages were in the syn value stakes but it seems that on average sausages are anything from 1.5 – 4.5 syns….I am going to go OTT and say I will use 1 sausage for a healthy extra and the other I’ll syn…….I’ll give them a value of 5 syns. Now SW may not think this is OK but I work on the principle of the HE’s being about 6 syns each so it should work from an intake point of view….I’m making this bit up as I go along but it’s all I’ve got so I’m going with that.


  • Baked Potatoes, Ham, Salad, Mayonnaise (1).


Now there are always lessons to be learned..and mine was I needed to be more organised….if I planned before (I could have made things to eat the night before because the morning I got in and it was getting everything sorted for the day and pack the trailer (we took the BBQ as well !).

It all comes down to getting’s how things fail so easily. It’s something I know already but it acted as a good reminder. I will absolutely, no doubt, do this again but I will take it each time as a reminder.

I hope I don’t do it too often as actually had I planned properly I could have eaten loads during the day !


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