Just thinking….


Recently I’ve had a lot of spam (not of the tinned variety!) appearing in my spam folder…thank you WordPress looks like those filters are pretty good.

I know spam is an unfortunate aspect of the great world wide web but it got me thinking about the intelligence of the people who actually try to enforce it on us… so far I’ve had things appear about all manner of pills,powders, potions, shakes that will fill me up, speed things up, process the fat quicker, blast the fat (my imagination comes up with all sorts of images about fat being blasted inside my body. The film Innerspace comes to mind..Martin Short flying around in a shrunken submarine type thingy lasering away,…I wonder if  I need to get out more….much!) , have a gastric band!!!

I digress!! The point is why would I want to take pills, doom myself to eating..no sorry drinking…for most of the time – or end up on a surgeons table having a band fitted to stop me eating anything but the smallest portion of food when I can eat normal amounts of food that tastes delicious?

Now I wonder what I would prefer out of these choices…..


Mmmm Let me think………………….

Now I’m sure there has been “extensive research” and they have had “laboratory tests to prove their success” and any of the other buzz words that pull people in. I will admit I’ve tried shakes..and guess what in the long term THEY DIDN’T WORK!!!! I have been on this planet 48 years so far and believe me I wish I knew when I was 20 what I know now because I just wouldn’t have bothered….I wouldn’t have looked for the quick fix…because it just puts you into a circle of diet …put weight on …diet ….put weight on with the occasional period of “Oh bugga it I can’t be bothered anymore!” only to get fed up and start it all again.

Now I suppose somewhere along the line it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say I did the same with the SW when I did it the last time…and that would be true I suppose – although in my defence I hadn’t planned on having a baby at 40 and at the time I was maintaining my weight.

As far as I’m concerned  there is no quick fix…it’s about taking control of something that only you can really take control of…and being organised about it. I keep saying to myself all the time planning ahead. It’s the way to stop just reaching for the convenient …that convenient that also happens to (usually) be loaded with all the things that are just no good for you when you have an issue with weight.

Things I have found helpful:

  • Get some insight that those packs of chips are not your friend!! I have them in my cupboard – hey I have children and a hubby who are not on my journey ….they don’t have weight issues.. Smile with tongue out to them!                                                                                                                              That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t eat healthily but they can have those treats….I can’t .
  • Don’t buy the crap…if it’s not there you can’t just reach for it when you haven’t been organised.
  • Eat breakfast…if you can’t stomach breakfast then eat something as soon as you can.
  • Have healthy snacks on hand so if you want to pick you can but make it healthy…I have a bowl of salad in the fridge all the time so if I get the munchies I pick on that.
  • Have back ups for meals all the time…take away used to be mine but now I have Baked potatoes. I love them (anyone might guess that from my food diary) they are filling (so I never feel deprived of food) and they are quick to do…in the time it takes to get a take away (we live rurally as well) baked potatoes are done. Pasta with tomato based sauce. Couscous with mixed veg and a bit of ham mixed in …..all things that can be done in 10-15 minutes…..and a lot cheaper than take away.
  • Pile up with veggies they provide bulk but somewhere on the plate have protein and a fat of some sort even if it’s only a little  it’s the thing that makes you feel like you’ve had a substantial meal.
  • Don’t deprive yourself….every now and again (obviously not all the time) let yourself have those treats (this is how I justify my rice pudding!). If you slip up because the desire to have something from the less healthy section of the food world overwhelms your healthy eating don’t see it as the end and throw in the towel…So you have a bad day on the calorie front …SO WHAT !… start the next day afresh and get back on the healthy wagon….see each day as a new one the days that have gone mean nothing because they’ve gone…can’t change them, can’t control what has been but you can control the here and now.

There is so much information on the internet about how to lose weight and people (like me) writing blogs about their own weight loss journey…..it makes you wonder why people even buy books, pills, shakes etc or put themselves on an operating table….but it’s not that simple is it…. people want the quick fix hoping it will be “the one”. Seldom it is.

Where am I going with this musing?….actually I don’t know  LOL!… but I’m just putting the two ‘penneth out there Flirt male. My view is it’s not about a quick fix unfortunately it’s about steady controlled weight loss with healthy food….it’s not about diets its about a life long commitment to making yourself as healthy as you can be….how I wish I’d got that years ago I could have saved myself a world of pain.

So spammers please realise that whilst you may come and visit if the spam filter on WordPress doesn’t get your links I will….that’s not a threat because they can be empty…and I don’t do empty Winking smile 

Ahh that’s where I was going …..


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