Red Day…




A Milk


B Potato

B Bread (1/2 Ciabatta roll)


  • Fruit and Yogurt..


  • Baked Potato with Spicy Chicken and salad.


  • Spicy chicken and salad

Spicy Chicken

I haven’t given specific quantities here as it depends on how much chicken you are using as to how much spice blend you will need.

Equal quantities of : Parika, Smoked Paprika, Cayenne pepper, Cajun Spice blend. Plus salt and freshly ground pepper to season.

Mix all the dry ingredients together and then sprinkle them across one half of a large piece of grease proof paper. Take your chicken (I use chicken breasts and I cut them in half length ways…sometime in three depending on how big they are) and then put it into the spice mix and coat it all over. Once it all coated fold the other half over the chicken (like the page of a book) and flatten it slightly with a rolling pin or similar. This will make the chicken a little thinner and will also push the spice blend into the meat.

Put a little oil in the pan and then fry the chicken on a medium heat until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.



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