Just a thought….


I thought I would add something…because looking at it my diet seems to consist mainly of baked potatoes!!…..mind you I do really like them so I tend to go for them above everything else….but I realised I am not being as specific about things as I should be and so in years to come I will look at this on not remember what I did to give variety.

I might have ham salad or fruit and yogurt a lot if the mood takes me but that doesn’t mean it’s the same every time. I need to be more specific about the fruit I’m eating because it’s not always the same…oranges, apples, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, plums, grapes (you get the idea eh?) – ham salad may be just ham salad – same ham, same salad but the dressing will often be different….I use my “light mayo” which is mayo and yogurt mixed… but I change the flavour of it most times…sweet chilli sauce, wasabi, garlic, lemon juice, or use a vinegar based dressing with herbs and lemon juice.

I realise now I need to more detailed in what I’m eating because it also acts a reference when I have good weight losses and what’s working.


Last week I didn’t lose much (but 100g is 100g’s and I’m not going to knock it!!) some of that was down to not being too good physically…I won’t go into too many details because although I think it is relevant to weight loss I don’t want to bear my soul completely on the internet…but I’m racing towards 50 …well OK 49 next year (I don’t want to wish my life away!) .

Anyway with age comes the joys of aging – in my head I may be in my 20’s but my body tells me different (mother nature is a total bitch…I’m convinced!)..now i’m not sure if the changes in my body are because I’d gained so much weight and things are all topsy turvy because I’m now losing it but regardless of what’s driving them there’s lots of change.

I’m not sure how you’re meant to deal with this ….losing weight has got to happen but maintaining that healthy eating when you don’t feel like it has been quite a challenge. Contrary to what some may think I tend to not eat rather than eat …this is no good for me – one meal a day and my body says Okey dokey I’m hanging onto these calories as you might not give me any more…and I’m going to store them as fat so I know when I’m eating what seems like constantly that weight loss is generally going to be better. It’s something I’m going to have to work on.


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