Week 13…WEIGH IN…


Well I got on the scales this morning and given it was a short weighing week and there were many challenges this week …we had a birthday BBQ for two of the favourite males in my life (Hubby and youngest son) …..and I ate Gateaux …and  I ate birthday cake !!! I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn’t gained YAY!!!

I lost 1/2 kg so altogether now I’ve lot 11.6kgs in 12 weeks…..I’m happy and I’m still not getting all wrinkly….yet …..long may it last.

The thing I’m happier about is though I really knuckled down in this past 4 days and was sensible again sticking to the plan and so once again prove to myself yes I can have a life…I can have the things I really love (but my fat cells love them more!) as long as I get back onto my healthy eating after wards I can still lose weight..yes it might be a small weight loss but it’s a loss and I’ll take it thank you very much…..it means I don’t feel like I’m being deprived which lets face it is the killer when it comes to trying to lose weight…I still get to have all those things but it’s having the presence of mind I suppose to get back to the healthy eating straight after and stick to it…….actually allowing yourself to have these things means you’re not breaking your healthy eating you’re permitting these things into it.

I know it’s all playing mind games with myself but hey it’s what keeps you doing something….stuff will power – look at how many people say they haven’t got the will power to do something…I’m sure a lot of that is because they restrict themselves from something so much they make it near impossible to stick to it…..don’t make it that hard….why would you…make it easier so you can stick to something surely that makes more sense – Yes it may take longer to get there but if you get there slower isn’t that better than not getting there at all…..HAH !!! INSIGHT!!!….Why didn’t I get this 30 years ago LOL! Well as they say better late than never,

Now we’ve had a lot on this week so I’ve been keeping a food diary but not writing it down here…I will catch up so at some point things will magically appear….isn’t technology great ?


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