WEEK 13…..and a confession.


Well the title says it all….this week I’ve not posted…..so the facts….

  • We had another birthday BBQ…..lots of puddings involved.
  • This week I’ve been ill…I have done in my shoulder.

This is not giving out excuses but I haven’t stuck to my healthy eating this week this week…which accounts for my not having posted this week.

I have had a really big wake up call though….because despite all of the above I got on the scales.

No surprises I put on weight ..in fact 2.5kgs of weight!!!!

I need to get myself sorted and back on track so I am going to be really watching what I eat and writing it down…..fortunately we’ve got nothing now for a while and I am going to have to factor things like BBQ’s into things and make them red days and NOT have any sweet stuff!
In some ways it’s a good thing because it’s given me the pull up I think I need….time will tell on that one. I’m not chucking in the towel though…it’s about getting back on track and not seeing this as the end otherwise this is what life will be forever more …and. I . don’t. want. that!




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