Insight !!!….


About the puddings….. they were all gorgeous!!! I am not sure how many different ones there were but I had to try a bit of each which in the end was a MAHOOSIVE pud)sh

Anyhoo I got onto the healthy eating thing and in the last two days (since Friday morning)I’ve lost 2kgs of those I’ve put on so I’m happy….actually I’m VERY happy because I now know 3 things….
1. I can have a mass blow out and I will put on weight (no surprise there!)
2. I can get back onto the healthy eating straight away and lose said weight.

The third thing is probably the most important….I’ve now gained a bit more insight…I don’t have to deny myself anything as long as I get straight back into health eating straight after and it, of course, can’t be everyday (more’s the pity )grin2( ) but it’s enough I can still enjoy the one thing I love and not feel like I’m missing out.

I’m still a work in progress….I think food and I will always be involved in some sort of dance with one trying to lead the other and will probably still feel that when I turn up my toes bu,t without intending it to be, last weekend has turned out to be a good lesson can someone please tell me why could I not have got this years ago???


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