Week 15…WEIGH IN…


Well after last week and my HUGE wake up call ……I have been really focussed this week and I guess it just goes to show if you do that you do get the results…..

I LOST 2.8KGS THIS  WEEK!!!!! So altogether 11.9kgs ….that 12kgs is so near.

Despite all of this I still don’t regret those puddings! I am more than happy to be able to do that and then get back to healthy eating….I don’t want to feel that I’m being deprived because I know I will fail …so it happens slower …so what…I WILL get there eventually and I will have eaten puddings on the way :p

I think in someways I have found it harder not going to a group to do this again….there is definitely something in having the support of others to cheer you along…positive strokes an all that….but if I can do it on my own I will keep doing it on my own…for life….. and it is for life.

I picked up a 10kg bag of potatoes the other day …and I though sheesh I’ve lost this ….I can’t imagine carrying that around all the time with me and yet I have done….and I am still carrying another 4 of those (ish) …how ridiculous is that?!!  I will keep this in mind….I’ll still have puddings though 😛


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