2 weeks on…..


Well almost 2 weeks since I last posted…..my life has been crazy!!! We have had all sorts of things going on since I last posted and I have been very remiss in writing down my diet….either here or in my food diary.

Some of that is because I have forgotten and some is because I have thought Oh crikes I’ve not written things down for the last few days and let it slide for that day as well and here I am 2 weeks on.

I have weighed myself however and on Friday my weigh from 2 weeks previously was 200g more.

I have been keeping an eye on what I eat as much as I can although at times I’ve not I’ve got myself back on track and I guess it’s paid off in that way because ordinarily I would have packed the weight back on by now…..so I am going to try and keep doing what I’m doing over Christmas…I’m going to be realistic about this and try and control what I eat within reason but I am going to enjoy Christmas too.

So all I will say to myself is I may or may not write things down but once the silly season is out of the way I’ll get onto it properly!!!


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