Walk of Shame ….


A little bit anyway although not totally…life has it’s ups and downs and I’ve not been here for some time so it just goes to show that I’ve not been having an up part of life as far as healthy eating goes.

I’m not going to make excuses but life throws stuff at you all the time – recently though I’ve had a bit of a wake up call via some friends which has put my “struggle” with healthy eating and my weight into perspective….a lot.

My friends have been diagnosed with Cancer (even the word makes a chill run down your back…well it does for me)…..one is terminal…something I just can’t get my head around. He is a man in his early 40’s with breast cancer …so if any men read this (I don’t assume anyone is reading it LOL!!) ….. check yourselves because even the slightest change you should tell someone because you men have less breast tissue than the ladies and when it’s really obvious it’s often too late to do anything. He has a beautiful wife and 4 children.

The other a woman again early 40’s with a lovely husband and 4 children. She has started chemotherapy and is doing everything she can to survive – she has changed her whole lifestyle and it won’t be through lack of trying that she won’t stay around for her kids.


Anyhow onto my (what seems insignificant) struggle with my weight….

I have had another boost of getting my butt into gear again…I suppose my friends made me realise mine is about being organised which takes effort yes but really that’s it…..and if they can make effort then so can I …now I’m not going to say that I’m not going to muck up again but I’m going to give it everything I’ve got whilst still trying to have a life too.

This week I am not going to write everything down because I’m playing catch up already but my diet has been pretty much around soup. I made a soup (hubby says it’s more like a casserole and he probably has a point Smile) but it’s really tasty so my week has been pretty much eating that with the healthy extras….apart from Thursday when it was a friends 40th birthday so we did her a meal (she hasn’t long moved over from the UK and couldn’t be on her own!) hubby had brought back some wild ducks ….very tasty….I kept to the principles (made it a red day and ate breast ….the ducks are VERY lean anyway given they are wild)…my only deviation was a bit of cake (fig and walnut cake with Corriander seeds on top…it’s lovely and I wasn’t going to not have it)…but I did have it with some Greek yogurt not cream so not all bad.

I weighed myself on Monday so that will now be my weigh in day … the result was I had gained 6kgs from my original weight loss but still 5 kg down from my initial weight….I’m trying to be cup half full here so I ‘m seeing I didn’t put all the weight back on which is good because at least I saw the light before I’d put it all back on plus some.

So here I go again….hey this is not some fluffy story of how I conquered my weight this is warts and all and I’m not editing anything to make it seem easy because that wouldn’t be true…..I hope this does turn out to be a fluffy story by the way but even if I achieve my goal weight I don’t think it will be the end it’ll just be the beginning of a whole other story of how to maintain it.

I will put the soup recipe up mainly because I don’t want to forget it!!



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