So onto the scales this morning ….well technically this afternoon but it was my morning as I worked last night ….I know it’s being picky but it’s for me to remember how I was doing things in months / years to come.

The results ….another kilo (2.2lbs) off so that’s 2.6kgs (5.7lbs) since I restarted and a grand total of 7.6kgs since I started my weight loss journey again.

I’m happy with too because on Saturday I had Pizza!! Now before anyone groans I always said I am not going to be a slave to this…I have to be able to have a life (great since I really haven’t been a slave to it for the last few months!!)….food is a big part of our lives and it’s also something you can’t avoid in life …you’ve got to eat! So this means I’m happy with my weight loss this week on several levels…I’ve been good for the rest of the week so it’s not like I’m going crazy so….bring on next week. 
 Open-mouthed smile


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