Life eh…..


Well life has it’s twists and turns and for the last few weeks I’ve been distracted from my weight loss journey. We’ve been going through the process of trying to get my parents over to NZ so they can live with us…..we finally got a decision and that was no.

Anyhoo my focus has not been on losing weight…but today I saw the doctor (strained my rotator cuff…long story) but because I’m heading towards my half century this locum thought he would do a few other tests primarily to exclude Arthritis as a reason for all the muscle injuries I’ve been having (although in this case feet up in the air after slipping on a wet floor was probably the easiest way to do that!)….

Today the results came back … and I’m pretty healthy for a woman who is challenged by her weight (and OK yes age!)….apart from the blood glucose levels. Now this is where things have put my focus right back onto me …yep it is all about me!

I was told today that I’m pre-diabetic…..all I can say is WOW!

So the journey begins again…with earnest…this is not something I think I can fanny about with anymore….this is not a choice….this was perhaps the slap round the face (metaphorically speaking) I needed to really focus me….sheesh I hope it is….because if I don’t then my future holds lots of needles and Insulin …and that is not something I want.

So I suppose I’ll have to re think how I do this …low carb is going to be the order of the day. I’m going to have to do some research but in the meantime ….well it could be worse and it’s still in my power to change things.


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