Catch up…


So I’ve gone back and reviewed my blog since I started it almost a year ago now ….. Embarrassed smile

I thought I should look at what I’ve achieved…..I started off at 124kgs and now I’m 120.8kg. In a year that sucks!! ……and yet weirdly enough I am not so bothered about it since I have other things to worry about now.

So this week I’ve had to completely rethink how I’m going to do this…I HAVE to lose weight that is no longer an option and I no longer have a choice (not as far as I’m concerned) but doing it the Green Day way isn’t going to be an option …carbs are out. So I’m going to try and use the principles of the Red Days (which was never my favourite method of the two types).

I’ve not written down this week as to be honest I’ve been processing things (and I feel like I’ve got a lot to process ..never mind that on top I’m having my shoulder investigated re possible tear in my rotator cuff – Ultrasound is in my diary for next week).

I will get onto it though because as I’ve already written here this is primarily for me..if anyone else reads it and can offer something or get something then great.

I’ve removed all my other weights from the ticker I was going to set it back to zero  but I thought I would leave it because the journey started a year ago and that was the weight…now it begins again. I hope in another year the figures will read much better….it has to.


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