MONDAY 4th August 2014


So I am going to use the carb calculator to track my carb intake during the day and the great thing is I can take a screen shot of it and pop it into my blog I’ve got it as a reference. I think tomorrow I will just do one screen shot at the end of the day but for today this is OK.





BIG NOTE TO SELF ….WATCH HOW MANY BANANA’S YOU EAT….and maybe lay off them completely at the moment!! Apples are the same by the way!





Now as it stands the carrot was half a carrot so I can take 2.45g off for that and the rocket leaves in the morning I way overestimated at 70g …a whole packet only comes to 210g and I have a small handful…..but I’m not going to bother about that too much for now.

Without the banana I was doing OK…20.2g of carbs …then add the banana = 40.8g of carbs. Which is still pretty low I think and it makes me wonder just how many carbs I was eating before!!!

I’m not going to get obsessive about this but at least it’s made me more “carb aware” and as long as the numbers on that scale keep dropping then I’ll be happy with that (I may get more obsessive if they don’t !Smile
So first week of my new way of doing things I think has been pretty good….although I know this is the week where you lose water you’re retaining.

The first day of my new way of doing things by using the carb calculator has been shall I say …enlightening. Well it has been for me and you learn something new every day so today has been no exception.


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