Tuesday 5th August


So today…I got up late today (which is unusual for me)

LUNCH: Total Carbs = 0.8g

Scrambled eggs with bacon 

DINNER: Total Carbs = 6.23g

Fish – pan fried in a little olive oil and rice bran oil


SNACK: 20.4g

Banana – now I know I said I would stay away from them but as I missed breakfast because I was asleep I reckoned I wouldn’t be overloaded on carbs so I thought what the heck!


I reckon once I’ve got myself some much lower carb value snacks then it’ll be much easier and I’ll be able to have lower carbs in the day. I’m quite happy having no carbs with meals I like salad (thankfully!)

I’m managing better to drink more water which is something I always struggle with, today I managed …I’m not going to say I always will but I’ll always try…it’s just drinks and me …well I’ve always been bad at drinking enough.


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