Thursday 7th August 2014


BREAKFAST: Total Carbs = 0.8g

Scrambled eggs with bacon 

LUNCH:Total Carbs = 3.88

 Egg / Ham and salad

DINNER: Total Carbs =  3.88g

Chicken thigh and salad

Mayonnaise /Yogurt mix 3.10g for the day….I’m aware that I need to have a reasonable amount of fat but I don’t want to go OTT


 Hard boiled egg = 0.4g



I’m keeping up the water because as much as I find it difficult it really does seem to make a difference.

I recently fell over at work  (did I mention that previously) so as a result in addition to all this I’m in pain a a result whilst things are being investigated I’m taking quite a few pain killers….the water really is helping in all sorts of ways Winking smile 



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