Thursday 14th August 2014



BREAKFAST: Total Carbs = 0.0g

Now in my defence I had to get out of the house for a doctors appointment straight after dropping small person off at school …so I came back in the end at about 11am and had brunch. The best thing was mu Spirooli has arrived so I can make vegetable pasta ….that means when everyone else is tucking into spag bol I won’t feel left out YAY!!!

LUNCH:Total Carbs = 6.47g

Zucchini and Carrot spaghetti (well I had to try it out didn’t I!) mixed with a little bacon and just sauted quickly.

 DINNER: Total Carbs =  9g

Meatballs with tinned tomato(100g = 3g), onion (about 20g = 4.3g I didn’t know onions had so many carbs!!!), zucchini pasta




Another learning opportunity…I didn’t know onions had so many carbs so I’ll use leeks instead. At the moment they are cheap here and I think they are just as tasty.

I’ve managed to drink plenty this last few days. I still won’t say I like it much but it’s a definite necessary evil so I am going to keep trying.


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