Monday 25th August 2014~ Weigh In


I only lost 200g (1/2lb) this week….it’s that time of the month though so I’ll wait and see if next week brings any more joy ..hey it’s still a loss so I’ll take it.

I must remember to eat though (funny as it may seem I do forget!) , I’m aware that this week I’ve not had all the meals and snacks I should have (mind you I’ve slept in a lot too so I can’t decide which is more important sleep or diet…sleep seems to be winning at the moment Confused smile. As a result I’ve not been very good on writing down what I eat so I must get back onto that …it’s important I maintain the momentum…this is not a choice anymore it’s vital!! 

So in 4 weeks I’ve lost 7.4kgs (1 Stone 1 1/2lbs)…I’m happy with that fact I’m exceptionally happy with that!


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