I’m back  Nyah-Nyah!!

Anyhoo I’ve not posted much because to be honest I’ve been off my face on medication and sleeping a lot. However….I’ve tried to stick to sensible eating without getting too crazy with the numbers….last week I had a gain of 500g …this week I had a loss of 800g so all good.

So for a bit of round up …..Since this journey of mine began

  • I have lost 11.1kgs  / 24 3/4lbs / 1 stone 103/4lbs
  • My BMI has gone from 41 – 38.2

I’ve got a lot to go, I know, but I’m about a quarter of the way….that’s 25% (ish)…and as far as I’m concerned that’s FRICKIN AWESOME !!!!

Future goals…i would like to just remain on track…the last few months have been “challenging” health-wise but as long as the numbers keep going down I am happy because with the weight loss comes less stress on the old joints, hopefully lower fasting bloods when I’m reviewed in January (I will prove that locum wrong!!).

I’m happy that it’s coming off at a gentle rate because so far my skin is keeping up Winking smile but people are starting to notice that my weight has changed (although I’m still wearing baggy clothes …I will go into smaller clothes soon but I’d like to lose  bit more…I do have some clothes in a smaller size so I’m being a tightwad and not have to buy extra clothes if I don’t need to).

So as long as those numbers go down that’s the main thing….as someone said to me

…..perhaps it may not sound much, but I think half a a pound in a week is really good …. That would be 2lbs+ a month, almost 2 stone a year, and at that rate in 3 years, you will have lost 6 stone!!”

Makes you think doesn’t it….might go slowly but it will go and the end goal will be achieved…I think I’m getting my head around this concept.

I know it is hard to get it (heck I’ve been trying for nearly 50 years!!) but I hope if even one person reads this and thinks Yes that is so true and I might not get there quickly but at least I’ll get there then this has been a good thing.

My point of doing this blog is I’m not super fit, I’m not a  diet guru…Just in case you’ve read anything and that wasn’t already obvious !! Sarcastic smile
This is just my story of my journey. I hope that it covers all the trials and tribulations of a middle aged woman trying to finally get a grip!

I hope that at some point if someone is wandering around this www global village of ours feeling hacked off because they’ve eaten yet another doughnut and they’re feeling guilty once again so much so that they’ve troughed another one down just because ….and they’ve come onto the internet because this is the time they are going to sort that weight problem that they will read this.

I hope that someone will see that it’s not about trying to be perfect because that sets us all up for failure  …in fact it’s not always about following the same diet plan….you can start a plan to lose weight and change that plan …life changes, plans change and it’s OK!!!

Life has twists and turns and so does the journey of losing weight (which if you are of any age you will already be painfully aware of!!) and if you are still young you can hopefully learn the lesson that you don’t need to torture yourself through you life (I so wish I had got the lessons when I was in my early 20’s and before that appreciated what I had in my late teens!).



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