This week….



I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can keep myself motivated…and in “keeping it real” you only have to look anywhere on the internet and you can see blogs (mine included) where the person who is writing about their journey struggles with maintaining the food lifestyle that’s required to keep losing and then (probably more difficult) actually maintaining that weight once their goal has been achieved.

I constantly look for ways to do this…it’s all about playing games with myself to keep my motivation going.
After I watched a doco called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  (link below)…if you want to lose weight and want to have a bit of a feel good moment well all I can say is it made me feel good.

The doco also gave me something else…it highlighted the whole things about juicing. and so on this basis hubby and I decided to do a juice a day (my husband is generally not plagued by weight in the way I am and can lose it relatively easy ..might have something to do with the fact that he’s an arborist and climbs trees!) but they’re off hunting soon and so he wants to lose a few KGS before they go so he’s doing his only mini journey….even when he’s not trying to lose weight he is supportive of me and I’m so grateful for that. 

So back to juice….

I don’t want to do a detox and I certainly don’t want to go the whole hog that the guys in this doco did, I’d like to use it as a supplement to my diet and if nothing else it means that we are getting all those extra nutrients.

So what has come out of it….well we’re on day 4…we have a juice for breakfast that’s it….as I said I don’t want to detox and I don’t want to do the extreme because of the whole bags of skin  things…but I want to keep things going and have something that I can use to give me a boost or when I plateau (which we all do at some point if we go on a weight loss journey).

So this week for the last 4 days I’ve had juice and then have something like chicken and salad for lunch and for tea either similar or I like tonight I had a roast tonight but no spuds (still having gravy)…on Friday night we went out and on our ways home we went to Burgers n Beer…I didn’t have beer I had lime and bitters and a burger no fries…mind you the burgers are enormous..the rolls were almost a cross between bread and flatbread…really good and not as filling. I had a really good look at the menu and the great thing was I didn’t feel left out.

I will keep looking for things for when I want to keep things going and have something that I can use now to boost things ..I think the juice is going to do that. It looks like it has is helping but I will weigh myself tomorrow and see what the results have been since last week.

You have to have lots of things to draw on..this is going to be one of those things Smile


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