The last couple of weeks…


We’ve had school holidays and so I’ve slackened off a bit and as a result I’ve put on  1.7kgs (3.7lbs) which given the things I’ve eaten I think I’ve got pretty lightly (lets just say there has been some carrot cake involved on more than one occasion!

So I’ve had my time off and now I’m back on the get that weight off again…..I’m OK with putting a bit on because it means I’m learning all the time and I’m disciplining myself to get back onto things …..

Am I testing myself…testing my resolve??  The easy answer to that is No …and Yes.

In all honesty I’ve decided I need to lose weight and more’s the point I have no choice in this matter if I want to be around and healthy for as long as I can BUT the fact is I still want to live and enjoy food…I’m back to that thing about the war with food.

I’ve said it before and no doubt I will say it many more times….I don’t want to war with food I want to be able to have a friendship with it, one where I’m in contact with it all the time and now and again we have some fun…but that contact gets sensible before a little bit down the track we have some fun again.

So now I’m back to being in that sensible phase …we’ve had a couple of weeks of fun and it was great…look forward to doing it again sometime Smile  


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