So juicing…..


So I’ve completed 3 days of juice alone…I’ve followed the outline on the Reboot with Joe website ( )…

Reboot Daily Guide

Wake up:  8 oz (250 ml) hot water with lemon and/or ginger
Breakfast : Go Orange or Red
Mid-Morning: Drink 16 oz (500 ml) coconut water
Lunch: Go Green
Afternoon snack:
  Go Yellow or Red
Go Green
Go Purple or Orange
Drink herbal tea
Throughout the day:  Drink lots of water!

The colours are different recipe categories they give you and recipes that go with that colour but of course you can add onto and so ~ thoughts……

Well I have to say it’s been unexpectedly easy…sorry no drama’s Flirt male 

I had a bit of a headache which I think I was quite lucky with considering the possible side effects you can get as you’re basically detoxing. Anyway I really can’t say anything really significant has happened…maybe spending more time in the loo as I’m drinking so much…in addition to the juices I’m having at least 2 litres of water a day.

I’m drinking a lot of the hot water with slices of ginger in it which has surprised me because I’m not really a ginger lover but I really like it…and not drinking my good old cup of tea I don’t want to miss out on hot drinks. I’ve also been having green tea but a friend kindly gave me a taste of a tea brand she had and it was nice unlike some of the others I’d tried so I’m all good on hot drinks.

I’ll be interested to see what the cumulative effects are on Monday – I will keep that as my usual weighing day ..just because I always have….but being the scale jumper I am I’ve already weighed myself and I’ve lost 3 kgs (6.6lbs) already !!

So my thoughts are even if I don’t keep this up for a long time I will definitely keep it as an option for the future for giving myself boosts of weight loss…but actually at the moment I’m actually rather enjoying it. I know it might not be for everyone but I can honestly say I’m not hungry and I feel pretty good..



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