Nutriblasts & Juicing…



There has been much publicity of late about Nutriblasts…wonderful juices where you put your fruit and veg in and it pulverises everything to a juice.

I’ve said before I want have as many things in my weight loss toolbox so when I started juicing I drifted into investigating about nutriblasts. The main thing that I can see in their favour is that you are pretty much getting everything that you put into the blaster (I’m not going to advertise them lol) and it’s turned into the juice by being blasted to smithereens.

I’ve read that it’s good to juice to let the digestive system have a rest when you juice the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. When the intestine is emptied the digestive enzymes are able to work on the hidden away and hardened deposits in the nooks and crannies and folds along your digestive system and as you go along more embedded toxins are released. So from what I can see just juice is more effective in healing the body and the intestines…..HOWEVER….

At some point I know you have to go back to eating …man cannot live by juice alone Nyah-Nyah …but when you’ve juiced for a while I would imagine you need to be kind to your digestive system and wake it up gently when you restart eating. No ploughing into a big dinner of steak and chips as your first meal…So nutriblasts could be the way to go you’ll be getting the fibre, it will be pulverised but still there…

The other thing I can see in their favour is that you are going to use less fruit and veg as a result because in addition to the fruit you’re getting the fibre….so I you’re going to be full from less….so possibly frugal too because the price it costs to juice is not cheap…I reckon within a short space of time I will have saved a fair bit.

So on that basis I’ve bought a blaster (still not going to advertise them Smile with tongue out). Here in NZ you can only get the 600W version so I had a little wander around the www and found a 900W version that is much cheaper than the 600W I can get here…job done! It’s on it’s way so I’ll wait and see how that works out a little down the track…but it’s another tool to go in that tool box – I know this will get used too as I had a much older version that that didn’t have any Nutri attached to the name that got used for blending and chopping all sorts – I managed to burn the motor out because I used it so much so I know it’s not going to sit quietly in the cupboard doing nothing (I absolutely refuse to have gagdets in this house I don’t use!).

So that’s a one for the future for me to write about…..if anyone has anything to say about nutriblasting that would be great otherwise I’ll enjoy my wanderings to others blogs to look about…have a great day wherever you are in this global village of ours Smile 


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