So I thought given that I’m inspired at the moment that I would have a period to reflect on my journey so far…like anyone I’ve lost my way over the course of this journey but thankfully found myself back on track…not sure if that was by luck or judgement but I’ll take it that I just got back.

I am trying to be brutally honest with myself and anyone who takes the time to read this..because if it makes one person feel better if they are struggling then it’s served a purpose….I’ve been inspired reading other people’s blogs for a variety of topics so if that’s true for me then it’s only fair that I try to pay it forward.

I don’t want to make it sound like it’s soooo easy because it hasn’t been and so when people start on a journey they have to be realistic. I’m no different to many people….As well as being me…I am a wife, a mum, I work full time, I live on a small farm and so have all the trials and tribulations that a small farm brings (but that’s a whole other blog Winking smile). In addition to that we all have our “things” we do, for our family that involves a fair bit of archery and involvement with out local archery club (I’m the secretary because I don’t have enough to do lol!)…All of that requires time and organisation and sometimes the time runs out and the organisation …well it isn’t quite so organised! Mind you when I’m being ultra efficient well…everything’s a dream..pity it doesn’t happen all the time Flirt male.

The juicing well what can I say ….yes to begin with there were a few headaches (and if you are a big caffeine or fizzy drink drinker then I would think preparing yourself for just juice in your diet would be a really good idea unless you are prepared to tough it (and only the individual will know what sort of resolve they have for that). Other than that I personally, have found it pretty easy …when I’m hungry I have juice, when I’m thirsty I drink water ..sometimes I drink water first to see if I’m just thirsty and if it doesn’t go away I have a juice.

Currently I feel really good so that’s a plus but I will keep summing up how I feel if anything changes.

My skin is keeping up and I’ve started using coco butter to help with moisturising but I also think the amount of water I’m drinking is having a huge effect on the appearance of my skin (that’s a no brainer really)…I know I have been historically bad at hydrating so going from very little if I’m honest to probably over 2 litres a day has had obvious benefits.

Currently I would say my weight is probably the lowest it has been for 9 years since I had my youngest. Before I moved to NZ I was about 75kgs (166lbs) which is a healthy weight for my 5’7”…gradually it crept up to about 90kgs  (there is a LOT of hidden sugar in NZ foods)….then I was pregnant.

So if I can get back to 75kgs that would be great but if not something near there. This is about my weight being healthy, but also achievable and sustainable…..if I’m a bit overweight I can live with that..heck a bit overweight is better than being morbidly obese which is what I was!! I’m now officially classified as obese ~ I’m trying to be as objective about this as possible but that’s difficult because the subject is me and so subjectivity is always going to come into it.

All that being said as far as juicing is concerned I now know how good the juice can be to give you that boost this is another tool in my weight loss toolbox…if I notice (and I will) that I’m gaining weight then I have to get onto it straight away. I think I’m going to have to be pretty strict certainly initially when I do get to a weight I’m happy with because I know it’s very easy to say it’s only a couple of pounds …oh it’s only another couple of pounds and before you know it you’ve put on a stone (6kgs)! So I think I will plan for that …I’m going to have to make myself a list of things to do for weight gain….The important thing is I know if other things are failing I can go to the juice for a quick reboot….that above all other things actually makes me feel a whole lot better about the future Smile


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