Good Grief!!!!


It’s been a while!!!!

I’ve been dealing with a prolapsed disc which quite honestly has been a challenge. I’m going to be having surgery in the New Year to have a disc replaced in my neck (Oh Joy).

I haven’t not written because things have been going badly in fact the exact opposite it true…things have been going really well Smile

Last week was a landmark for me as I hit my 20kg loss Party smile 

So since this journey began I’ve moved a fair amount of weight (did I say I lost 20kgs Be right back)….and my BMI has dropped from over 41 to 35 ….now I realise this is still unhealthy from a medical point of view but it’s a lot better than it was.

It’s also worked out well because as I have to have surgery it will be much better that I’ve dropped the weight.

I focussed on the juicing and Nutriblasting…in between I’ve been eating so I can slow down the weight loss (did you hear that slow.down.the.weight.loss!!! LOL!!)..I need my skin to keep up.

I feel free the juicing and Nutriblasting is now with me for life …well this is for life now and it means if I find myself putting on weight I finally have that fix to get it off and maintain my weight loss.

So it’s good news not bad that I’ve not written recently ….

I’m going to enjoy Christmas and New Year (well as much as you can with a prolapsed disc) and then I’m going to crack on with the juicing again until I have my surgery towards the end of January.

I may write a little more in the meantime but it’s all good in weight loss land Open-mouthed smile


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