2015…BRING IT ON !!!!


I consciously had Christmas and New Year off so I could literally eat drink and be merry…and I did …and it was great! It’s only great though if you can get back onto the healthy train again and you don’t stay fallen off the wagon so to speak. It’s actually been easier than I thought to do that because I did feel a bit toxic (for want of a better word) …but holidays and sensible eating did not exist particularly this Christmas and New Year…part of that, I think, was because I knew I could get onto juicing again and sort it as quickly as I gained it….I don’t want that to be my default way of thinking but it’s a nice security blanket to have.

Weighed myself this morning ……I’m now currently 2.7kgs (6lbs) up on what I was before Christmas that isn’t the extent of the weight I’d put on as I am sure I was nearer 4kgs (9lbs) a couple of days ago…but I went back onto the juice a couple of days ago and that’s the outcome of this weigh in.

The good thing is I’ve found my mojo again and I’m happily on the juice full time once more (I had been wandering off a bit) and a good weight loss is always a boost….so I’d like to lose as much weight as I can between now and the 24th January.

This when I go in to have the disc replaced in my neck….it will be healthier for me and easier for the surgeon if I can lose as much as possible – especially around my neck…I hoping if I ask nicely they might take away any excess skin …you never know{rofwl}


So 2015 will no doubt bring it’s own challenges …I’m not going to make resolutions because you only set yourself up for disappointment or put unnecessary pressure on yourself where there doesn’t need to be pressure …I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing…losing weight where I can but having a life too and not feeling guilty if I splurge now and again…it seems to be working for me and it’s that mind set that seems to be the most powerful thing for me to succeed …I’ll wait and see.

So whoever happens to wander in here and have a read warts and all of my journey I hope that whatever challenges 2015 throws at you personally you can find that mindset to help you deal with them Rolling on the floor laughing


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