So long time no post….

This is not because I have been slacking ….well maybe there’s that as well but in my defence I do actually have a valid reason (note I am not saying excuse).

The operation I had in late January didn’t go quite as planned. When the first operation was done they unfortunately perforated my Oesophagus and so the food I ate after surgery went from my throat into the cavity in my neck (I know …. ewww!!).

The result was a massive infection that turned a 2 day stay in hospital into a 2 week stay,NG tubes feeding me for 2 weeks (not allowed to eat or drink anything past the tear not allowed), IV antibiotics which I had to carry on doing at home for a month and I’ve been on oral antibiotics ever since to deal with the infection which hopefully will end in the next few weeks.

The end result being I was told I’m not allowed to diet and need the calories to deal with the infection…so whilst this is not the end of my weight loss journey I’ve to take a bit of a break on the road.

I am actually missing my juices and Nutriblasts so bring it on 2015 because when I can I will be back into it big time.


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