A new start….


Well blow me down it’s been a year since I wrote on this blog and not the first time I’ve begun again…..hey it’s one of those times when I needed to get my head on straight…. again.

Weight loss isn’t easy as a rule but this time round (over the past couple of years has been the hardest I’ve ever had…15 years ago it seemed a doddle but not this time. I just haven’t been able to get my head around healthy eating in any consistent way over the past year. The trouble is I’m not getting younger and bits of my body are rebelling!! They reckon I’ve got Osteo-arthritis in my knee….now that isn’t going to get better and carrying all of me when there is so much more of me than there should be is not going to help matters.

Slimming world isn’t here in NZ and this time round I just couldn’t think about just juicing…I want to eat!! The only thing I haven’t done with any degree of commitment is low carb eating . I’ve asked myself …hell why would I …I love carbs! Maybe though they don’t love me anymore…..or they love me too much and want to stick around.

So rather than go full on “diet” I thought I’d try reducing my carbs. So I’ve had a look around the www to see what’s available….trawled low carb recipes, considered the cholesterol issues (mine is currently all good and it seems the Keto / Low carb way of eating doesn’t muck up your cholesterol levels in a bad way).

I’m not going to go extreme but I am going to follow a fairly strict carb intake to begin with to get the weight loss going and keep my interest….and then we’ll see.

I said from the beginning of writing this blog that I would be honest (it’s one of my strengths….and at times a weakness lol!!)…it was always going to be warts and all because that’s how things can be at times.

I’m still looking for my Big Fat Kiwi Weightloss …hoping I’m going to find it this time …but if not I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it 🙂




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