The Past week…


This isn’t a detailed list of what I’ve eaten….I’ll get in to doing that at some point but this week I’ve just been getting my head around being able to eat fat …and mayo…and did I say fat!!!

So I use an app (hey I’m getting on a bit but I’m not oblivious to the wonderful world of apps 🙂 . It’s a great app that lets me plan meals, store recipes and at the same time generate a shopping list …I could go about it’s wonders but it is saving me remembering what I’ve eaten and more’s the point not having to write down here…because I can just pop in a screenshot of my weeks meals.

Now you will have to forgive there is a bit of a difference in meals because of the time differences (I’m in New Zealand and Pepperplate is a US app) but hey it works for me so today on the planner is my yesterday…it all works out in the end though so it makes no difference from a planning point of view.

Just in case it’s not obvious (because why would it be) the “N” that appears is not some new food type it’s just to remind me that I’m on a night duty so I can figure that in with recipes  – do they take a long time to cook or not, can I make a load in advance and have ready made meals.

Keto week 1.png


I got a lot of my recipes from the internet.

So far this week I’ve not found anything I didn’t like – in fact they have all been delicious. I am trying to keep to 20 grams of carbs a day just because I want to give the weight a kick start – to be honest it hasn’t seemed that hard so far but at the moment I’m still in the honeymoon period where everything is new and lovely so I know at some point that is going to change when I just have to have a sarnie! I don’t want to not be able to eating sandwiches but they are going to be a rarity now rather than the go to.

It all comes to planning – which lets face it is so much of the success of anything… what’s the saying? “Failing to plan means planning to fail” or something like that. This is why I have cooked double portions of everything I’ve eaten this week so that I’ve got the same. again in the freezer – so I can use these when I’m working as a meal at night.

“Breakfast” when I’m working is often hard boiled eggs because they are convenient if we are busy and I can snack on them without coming back to something that tastes horrible if it’s cooled down….and anyway I like hard boiled eggs.




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