So this week…. 1.8kgs / 4 lbs off

So far 8.1 kgs / 17.8 lbs in 10 weeks.


Now I will tell you I have absolutely no idea why this week my weight loss is bigger..but hey  Happy dance…. Rolling on the floor laughing

Seriously I really am not sure what it is …the only thing I can think of perhaps is maybe… water. I’ve been paying more attention to drinking water …well actually drinking because I know as a rule I don’t drink enough during the course of the day. I love a cup of tea but even that I’m shocking at …I get occupied doing something else and forget my drink (you have no idea how many cups of tea I drink cold).

So I’m going to try and keep that up (but I will probably forget at times…hey I didn’t say I would become a drinking ninja!).

This week meals have included..

  • Pasta & Blue Cheese
  • Sticky Spanish Chicken & Rice (not had this before and it was seriously nice) 
  • Fish with mashed potatoes, peas and Parsley sauce (I thought this was a weird mix years ago when someone first gave it me…and yet I love it).
  • Pork Chops, salad and new potatoes (and do you know what I ate the crackling on the pork chops and had butter on the potatoes…and still lost weight …BOOM!
  • Spicy chicken nibbles, salad and new potatoes

Every morning I either have the overnight oats and different fruit or the baked oats (although I have to say I prefer the overnight oats if I’m honest – it’s almost summer here so it’s  a bit more hot weather friendly.

I cannot say enough how much I love Slimming World (even when I’ve gained weight in the past) because it works and you still have a life…seriously you have a life nothing is off limits you just have to fit it in to the day …and if you have a blow out (like a day of the dead party) then get back on it.

It’s not “out there” food it doesn’t need special preparation it suits everyone so you don’t need to cook different meals …my family love the meals which makes life so much easier (although Ill tell you a secret…they’d get it anyway with extra bits for them if need be….I’m not running a canteen here Winking smile).


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