So this week has not been the best – we sadly had to take our choccie lab for his forever sleep. He had been poorly for only a few weeks. It started with bronchitis and so he had antibiotics but things didn’t improve and it became apparent from his rapid weight loss that there was something seriously wrong.

In 4 weeks our lovely boy went from a big boof to a shadow and so on Monday we took him to the vet (who he loves by the way) and went out in their back garden. They put a blanket down and we laid with him while he went to sleep. If the death of something you love can be lovely well I have to say it was.

Life chucks things like this at you and I’ve had a few wines in the last week…wine does not love me from a weight point of view …but hey another one of those I’ll get back on it moments. No guilt , no regrets next week I’ll be on it again…..

The numbers well they’ve gone up a bit

+0.9g / 2lbs

So total numbers now 7.2kgs / 15.8lbs

BMI: 41.5


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