Kia Ora!!

OK so this is me ….again….fat….again.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not feeling sorry for myself (well maybe a little but it’s no biggie).

Over 10 years ago (and counting) I lost A LOT of weight and was feeling great… in between this I was pregnant at 39 and celebrated my 40th birthday with an ever increasing waistline (but in a good way 🙂 ) but fast forward to the beginning of this blog and I’d managed to put it all back on.

That’s not news though is it…there are thousands…millions of people who are experiencing this feeling every day……I wonder how many people are feeling the same way I do right at this very moment?

Food is something I have such a weird relationship with because I love everything about it (actually that has probably always been the main problem.. I love everything about it!!)…. talking about it ..planning it…experimenting with it ….and of course eating it…

All of that is of course obvious because I didn’t get the figure I have now by just eating salad – not without lashings of some gorgeous dressing and crusty bread and some delicious meat…….Oh crikey my mouth is watering already!!!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!!.

Anyway today I’m starting a new lifestyle…. I’m restarting my healthy eating…..yeah I know…again… but a new journey has to start somewhere and so today I’m taking the first step.


Because I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin …simple as that.

I don’t mean psychologically (although that too) but mainly I mean physically comfortable. This is the battle I’ve always had with food and my body …I like food I eat too much and gradually it takes the only effect it can on my body when the input is greater than the output……and then I don’t feel comfortable anymore literally physically uncomfortable.

Now as I’m getting older (currently I’m 40 + GST….work it out yourself…eventually you will be completely wrong because I won’t change the +bit !) everything aches more than it used to. The fact plain and simple is that I’m not helping those aches and pains by loading more weight on them so the journey had to begin …Simple ….HAH!….

My point of doing this blog is I’m not super fit, I’m not a  diet guru…Just in case you’ve read anything and that wasn’t already obvious !! Sarcastic smile

This is just my story of my journey. I hope that it covers all the trials and tribulations of a middle aged woman trying to finally get a grip!

I hope that at some point if someone is wandering around this www global village of ours feeling hacked off because they’ve eaten yet another doughnut and they’re feeling guilty once again so much so that they’ve troughed another one down just because ….and they’ve come onto the internet because this is the time they are going to sort that weight problem that they will read this.

I hope that someone will see that it’s not about trying to be perfect because that sets us all up for failure  …in fact it’s not always about following the same diet plan….you can start a plan to lose weight and change that plan …life changes, plans change and it’s OK!!! 

Life has twists and turns and so does the journey of losing weight (which if you are of any age you will already be painfully aware of!!). It’s about being adaptable regardless of what age you are….continually assessing whether what you’re doing is working and if it’s not making changes so that it does.

If you are still young – SAVE YOURSELF !!!Rolling on the floor laughing …you can hopefully learn the lesson that you don’t need to torture yourself through you life (I so wish I had got the lessons when I was in my early 20’s and before that appreciated what I had in my late teens!).

More details if anyone is interested in Slimming World and what it’s about here

I have to say I’m a fan of SW but I’m open to other plans, theories, points of view…I’ve had to be …so…if you’re reading this with sugar all over your chops….


….. you had a doughnut you didn’t kill someone !!…   

Be kind to yourself …think about that 1/2lb a week becoming 6 stone in 3 years and be prepared for twists and turns. Have a doughnut every now and again but don’t feel guilty about it the next day start again and if the numbers go up it’s OK change things and watch them go down…..Simple….absolutely not until you can get your head around the whole guilt thing….once you do that it’s still not simple but it’s a bit easier.

I’m also adding in (2017) be prepared to change your approach to losing weight / getting healthier because life happens, you discover new things, things stop working so well (Oh yeah tell me about that!!), you decide things don’t suit …whatever it is roll with it be prepared to change and most of all try and keep the whole losing weight things something that doesn’t stop you enjoying food because being healthier will help you live longer but if you hate what you’re eating it’s going to seem like an eternity without any joy and what’s the point of that?! 


***Please note:
This website is UNOFFICIAL and in NO WAY part of or representative of Slimming World. 

Nutritional information listed in this blog is an estimation based on the products I’ve used or for information I’ve got from the www. Ingredients and nutritional information can vary greatly between brands. Always be sure to read labels you should be able to work out things for yourself when you’re making from scratch because you know what you’ve put in and how much. Check syns etc because there is guarantee that they will be right (just saying).

I tend to follow the Slimming World way of eating but please note that this is a personal blog and in absolutely no way does it represent Slimming World, their views, opinions, marketing or ethos.I’m not a Slimming World Consultant.. I think however that Slimming World is a way of eating that just happens to suit me. 

I will post recipes I’ve tried and link to where I got them from. I’ll give my honest feedback on them…but if you really want to know what they’re like you’ll need to have a go yourself.

If you like things and think they would be helpful feel free to share them…and share and share and share….it would be nice if you could link where you found it but I’m not going to bent out of shape if you don’t ***


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