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Weigh In and weekly plan ~ WEEK 8 & 9


I have been very slack this last 2 weeks so I’m playing catch up … the last 2 weeks have been similar from a  healthy eating point of view as well….and it’s all down to lack of organisation and keeping track of things….there are gaps .

My organisational drop out is due to change of shifts which is not usual as for the last few years I’ve been on night duties this week I was put onto a few days  – I am going to have to do this every now and again and so I’m going to have to get myself organised..because this time I have failed abysmally….

So I’ve got to take the decision to deal with it not see it as a failure (which bottom line …it is) but as a learning tool to deal with future situations. I will have notice that I’m on days but unlike this time I will be prepared. I didn’t stick to my eating as little carbs as possible and I did have some alcohol (I discovered Amaretto sours at the end of a buy shift on an acute mental health unit it was lovely!)…so for the record (with some gaps ….although not as many as I thought actually.

Keto 8

Keto 9

When I weighed myself on Wednesday (which I was dreading) – I’d put on 800g which in the scheme of things I don’t reckon was too bad. I am trying to find the positive in all of this.

Anyhoo onwards and upwards wlEmoticon-smile.png



WEEK 7 Weigh in & planner….


So I weighed myself again this morning…well it is Wednesday…

Another 400g (1lb) lost – again this week my eating has been all over the place in between sleeping a lot (we are all still down with whatever it is has invaded us viral wise so again I’m grateful there’s a loss.

So so far 5.2kgs (12lbs lost) wlEmoticon-smile.png

This week I’ve tried to add a bit more information to my planner – thanks to the wonders of pepperplate and the my fitness app I’ve been able to do a mash of the things I’m eating so the numbers in () are calories followed by the carbs.

I’m still trying to keep carbs low but some days I’ve really not bothered. These would be the days like the Galaxy chocolate day ..ahem…hey my eldest son had been to the Brit shop and bought me a bar so I wasn’t going to leave it for someone else to snaffle!!)  and the Chinese Takeaway day when none of us could think what to eat let alone drag ourselves to cook anything. Anyway it will give an idea of not only what I’m eating but what amounts I’m eating and along the way I’ll pop the recipes up. Because there’s no point in putting homemade anything if you don’t know what went into it – the values could be completely off.

Keto 7

So good luck out in weight loss land wherever and whoever you are…just keep remembering if today wasn’t a good one it doesn’t define the rest of your life…it’s how you deal with those not so good days that does that….and if anyone has got any thoughts or ideas out there or great low carb recipes let me know….

Ta ta for now xxx

WEEK 6: Weigh in & Meal Planner…


So weight loss this week was another 400g (1lb) so 4.8kgs (11lbs) off in total.

I know this week I’ve not eaten enough (because the MyFitnessPal app is telling me so!). Our whole household has been struck with some sort of lurgy and we’re all feeling like cr@p! So I’m happy I’ve lost anything to be honest because I’ve been all over the place eating wise.

I’ve had a few meals that were snacky rather than a meal but to be honest I just haven’t felt like eating.

Keto 6 I have to say the Fathead Sausage Rolls are delicious and low carb …hubby and son tried them too and were impressed so I’ll be doing them again….and they were very filling.

I know my stomach has probably shrunk a little but I have to say I feel like I’m feeling full much quicker than I would have done a few weeks ago even.

I know the weight loss seems like it’s going slowly (especially given I have a fair bit to lose) but I’m not going to stress about it because it is going and I’m eating enough for me…and  a little slower means it gives my skin time to shrink back too. I don’t think I’m particularly vain but in truth I don’t want to look saggy!!


Which healthy eating style?


I have been reading about different ways of eating (for want of a better way of describing it). Now I know that I’m probably going to repeat what many others say on the www yep probably right but I want it here…. for me….so I can look at this and reinforce my thoughts.

If my www mutterings and musings help someone else then that’s great because I have honestly found so many different writings on the www that have helped me at different times why not add one more to the mix. I know it’s not easy to put yourself out there because people can read it and judge you – but hey people look at you and judge you so what’s new …the www just puts it more out there.

I want to make sure that I can keep this up this time and not see this as a diet but as a way of eating forever…..I’ve tried every other thing going (I think) …every faddy diet I can think of I’ve tried it…and.they.don’

Oh yes you lose the weight quickly initially..and sometimes you need that when you’re starting out but it’s about all things in moderation (like so many things in life …sucks I know).

This time no faddy crap I’m going to use this style of eating of eating as a template because it reduces carbs and because I know carbs don’t do me any favours either weight or digestion wise. I’ve discovered some of it could be considered “Primal” if you want to label what I’m doing… as I’m trying to avoid processed anything….to be honest I do’t really care what name you give it as long as it works. All I know is I’m not sure I can commit to eating Paleo as I’d miss cheese too much and given I like cheese A LOT  and I’m not prepared to give it up because that is a sure fire way for me to fail.

I am going to be quite strict with myself to begin with and track my calories, exercise and carbs. I’m hoping  after a while I won’t need to be so  strict with myself once I’ve got the visual of quantities seared into my brain. …and if I slip …well I’ll have all the tools to get myself back in check.

Enough muttering now though time to keep on keeping on.

Good Luck where ever you are in the world with your eating journey.

WEEK 4 ….Weigh in & Meals…


Another good week …in fact a great week and for a few reasons.

  • Hopped on the scales today and I’d lost 1.7kgs (4lbs) so that means in 4 weeks I’ve lost 4kgs (9lbs).
  • Have been eating – this is a very good thing….I mean rather than juicing. Now don’t get me wrong I liked some of the juices and I would like to incorporate them into my healthy eating somewhere to give me a boost (get those 5 a day nutrients) but I did miss eating when I juiced exclusively.
  • We went out for a meal on Saturday and so I decided I wasn’t going to think about carbs on Saturday at all. So in addition to our meal out I had a bacon sarnie (sandwich to those that don’t know) in a roll and a hot cross bun …. I hadn’t missed bread type things but Oh I enjoyed them!
  • I still get to have a life which incorporates something that is huge in our family and I lost weight (did I mention I lost weight already? wlEmoticon-berightback.png)

So it’s been a good week and I will take that because I know there will be bad ones and I will come back here and read about the good ones to keep me motivated.

I’ve been a bit disorganised with meals this week …I don’t know why but I haven’t been pre-prepared although I’ve had back ups in the freezer so that has helped a lot. My meal planner below is this weeks mish mash

keto 4

That being said I have  used the fitness tracker religiously and logged my meals and snack in there. I actually struggle to eat all the calories I’m meant to have.

Anyhoo got to go and make tea …I’m thinking the prawns and fried cabbage concoction again …because that was really nice !

I’m in Heaven!


So this week I was talking to one of my colleagues who is on a weight loss journey too (there are many of us just on the one ward I work on). She told me that she was using an app on her phone to track her calories etc.

Now the first thing I will say is she had me at “app”…I am unashamedly a lover of the app as my poor phone is all to aware of LOL!!). Secondly if I can use an app (an app!!) to help me lose weight then I am all on it. Now I’m not ignorant of apps for weight loss being out there ….HELLO ?!! …I said I LOVE apps!! The point here is knowing what apps are useful and the best way is on recommendation as far as I’m concerned….so….I know it’s not news but this is a really good app

I’ve used the free service (Oh so sue me I’m a skin flint!!) for the past week now and it has really helped me …it has loads of information (goodness knows what the premium version has but I imagine for me it’s probably too much currently.

So a quick breakdown of what you can do with just the basics:

  • Set your goals – the app will help you set goals or you can customise it to whatever eating style you are going for.
  • Keep a food diary
  • Keep a track of your daily nutrients – carbs, calories, vitamins etc

The app will highlight when you are going off track and it’s got a huge database for inputting your food – often when you pop in a brand it’s there which I have to say I am impressed with that as it’s a US based company and they have a lot of the brands we use in New Zealand. There are blogs and recipes and forums so you can connect with others if that’s what you want to do….there are so many resources just within the community there , so much information and we all know knowledge is power.

So far the free app is working brilliantly for me and so for what it’s worth I’d like to add my recommendation to that of many others….well worth giving it a go if you are struggling or just need to give yourself a ready to hand resource to keep you focussed.