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So this week has not been the best – we sadly had to take our choccie lab for his forever sleep. He had been poorly for only a few weeks. It started with bronchitis and so he had antibiotics but things didn’t improve and it became apparent from his rapid weight loss that there was something seriously wrong.

In 4 weeks our lovely boy went from a big boof to a shadow and so on Monday we took him to the vet (who he loves by the way) and went out in their back garden. They put a blanket down and we laid with him while he went to sleep. If the death of something you love can be lovely well I have to say it was.

Life chucks things like this at you and I’ve had a few wines in the last week…wine does not love me from a weight point of view …but hey another one of those I’ll get back on it moments. No guilt , no regrets next week I’ll be on it again…..

The numbers well they’ve gone up a bit

+0.9g / 2lbs

So total numbers now 7.2kgs / 15.8lbs

BMI: 41.5




So this week…. 1.8kgs / 4 lbs off

So far 8.1 kgs / 17.8 lbs in 10 weeks.


Now I will tell you I have absolutely no idea why this week my weight loss is bigger..but hey  Happy dance…. Rolling on the floor laughing

Seriously I really am not sure what it is …the only thing I can think of perhaps is maybe… water. I’ve been paying more attention to drinking water …well actually drinking because I know as a rule I don’t drink enough during the course of the day. I love a cup of tea but even that I’m shocking at …I get occupied doing something else and forget my drink (you have no idea how many cups of tea I drink cold).

So I’m going to try and keep that up (but I will probably forget at times…hey I didn’t say I would become a drinking ninja!).

This week meals have included..

  • Pasta & Blue Cheese
  • Sticky Spanish Chicken & Rice (not had this before and it was seriously nice) 
  • Fish with mashed potatoes, peas and Parsley sauce (I thought this was a weird mix years ago when someone first gave it me…and yet I love it).
  • Pork Chops, salad and new potatoes (and do you know what I ate the crackling on the pork chops and had butter on the potatoes…and still lost weight …BOOM!
  • Spicy chicken nibbles, salad and new potatoes

Every morning I either have the overnight oats and different fruit or the baked oats (although I have to say I prefer the overnight oats if I’m honest – it’s almost summer here so it’s  a bit more hot weather friendly.

I cannot say enough how much I love Slimming World (even when I’ve gained weight in the past) because it works and you still have a life…seriously you have a life nothing is off limits you just have to fit it in to the day …and if you have a blow out (like a day of the dead party) then get back on it.

It’s not “out there” food it doesn’t need special preparation it suits everyone so you don’t need to cook different meals …my family love the meals which makes life so much easier (although Ill tell you a secret…they’d get it anyway with extra bits for them if need be….I’m not running a canteen here Winking smile).



So a little late reporting in the the www – this week has been quite good and although my weight loss is back to what it was at week 5 I have no regrets because we had a fabulous time for the birthdays and I have zero guilt….could it be that after all these years I am finally becoming friends with food and weight loss / gain!

So this week…. 1.3kgs / 2.9lbs off

So far 5.6kgs / 12.3lbs in 8 weeks.



So this week – we’ve had a week of earthquake repairs and a weekend of partying and celebration of birthdays….and not surprisingly I’ve gained…and shall I tell you a secret…. I’m OK with.

Of course I’d love to have stuffed my face and drank alcohol without having to pay but that’s not how it works…which anyone who has battled with their weight knows only too well! Who me? 

So I’m effectively back to week 3 – some might think I’ve had a huge setback but in truth I have put on 1.8kgs / 4lbs and I’ve had the most fantastic weekend with friends and family celebrating the birthdays of my youngest son and my husband without worrying about food or calories or anything related to food.

So back on to things – I am going to get more into my routine again and watch the numbers start going downwards again. I am determined this time it’s going to be about how I deal with things like this – it’s about moving forward positively…..I want my memories to be about friends and family and my memories about food to be positive….and I did have a great weekend Winking smile



Another week another weigh in – I lost 500grams ..that’s 1.1lbs

So far 6.1kgs / 13.4lbs in 6 weeks.  My eating has been appalling! I’ve tried to stick as much as possible to SW but I have slipped a couple of times and we’ve resorted to takeaways Aghhhhh!!!!!
Hopefully our lovely building people will be out of our lives (no offence to them because they have been great but I really want my house and my life and my routines back) soon.



So to the weigh in – I lost 600grams ..that’s 1.4lbs

So far 5.6kgs / 12.3lbs in 5 weeks.


I am actually very happy with this because our house is in absolute chaos (earthquake repairs which I’m not complaining about believe me I’m very grateful for earthquake insurance!).

My eating hasn’t been aaaaas chaotic (drawing out the word as) but…it hasn’t been as organised as I’d like it to have been.



So to the weigh in – I lost 700grams ..that’s 1.5lbs

So far 5kgs / 10.9lbs in 4 weeks.

I think that’s a good weight loss…not too much – which I know it’s kind of counterintuitive because I want to lose lots of weight but I’m happy that the numbers are consistently going downwards. I know there will be times when there’s a plateau or a gain but I’m trying to be organised and making food the family can eat as a whole so me (or hubby because he does cook) aren’t having to do two meals. There are a few good ones that have been really popular with all of us and are great for doing an easy one pot meal …like the Mediterranean Chicken Orzo (actually I could easily eat that everyday but I know everyone else would get bored so I don’t !).

I switch things around as much as possible, so this week for example we’ve had:

Sausages and Roasted Vegetables (now I could have got low fat sausages but we make our own so I’m living with those and not worrying too much how they effect the old syns – because I have no idea). This meant I could have baked potatoes if I wanted and the others could have Saute potatoes/ wedges / roasties or we could all have something like couscous or rice.

Jamaican Chicken

Tuna Fishcakes

Roast Chicken

Chicken & Pasta

Baked Potato, Ham and Salad

Bacon & Pasta with tomato sauce

This week I’ve tried to keep things simple because we’ve got earthquake repairs being done on the house, our house is officially a building site (literally with the sign at the entrance to the drive and sign in and out protocols set out for everyone visiting). The only thing is while they are doing their thing we are still living in the house……so trying to keep food simple (one pot or quick) so that I can get to it as soon as they leave the site…sorry…. our house Winking smile

Recipes for some to follow…







So to the weigh in – I lost .3kgs ..that’s .6lbs (just over half a pound)

So far 9.4lbs in 3 weeks.

Not as much as previous weeks but I have to admit we had a bit of session with the still the other day and produced quite a lot of booze…so I had a little tasting….not much but I made liquers and they are laden with sugar… I mind the smaller loss?

Absolutely not! I’m losing weight and living at the same time so what’s to mind ?! Rolling on the floor laughing


Im being slack and haven’t written any posts in between this but work has been super busy and we’ve had lambing (18 lambs from out little flock) but I will get onto things when things slow down.



So time for the weigh in …dun dun dun….

I’d forgotten how much I like food. Don’t get me wrong the planning of everything sucks but as I’m doing it for the family meals anyway it’s just been getting my head around putting recipes in that suit me and everyone else or can be added to for everyone else….I’m planned up to the 3rd of September so far so that’s not too bad Be right back


So to the weigh in – I lost 2.3kgs ..that’s 5lbs …happy dance.

I’ve eaten loads this week…on the days where I haven’t put in a recipe I’ve had baked potatoes with salad….for dressing I had yogurt with wasabi mixed in it …YUM! (Tell you if you haven’t given it a go – do – because it is lush!).

I remember when I did Slimming World the first time round I lost 7lbs …that was 16 years ago and I was 16 years younger more the point, so I am pleased. 


So onwards and here’s to many more great meals with dropping numbers on the scales…we’ll wait and see.. I’m not being sceptical (truly I’m not) but I know how things can go and it’s the long term results that matter not the initial weight losses.

Weigh In and weekly plan ~ WEEK 8 & 9


I have been very slack this last 2 weeks so I’m playing catch up … the last 2 weeks have been similar from a  healthy eating point of view as well….and it’s all down to lack of organisation and keeping track of things….there are gaps .

My organisational drop out is due to change of shifts which is not usual as for the last few years I’ve been on night duties this week I was put onto a few days  – I am going to have to do this every now and again and so I’m going to have to get myself organised..because this time I have failed abysmally….

So I’ve got to take the decision to deal with it not see it as a failure (which bottom line …it is) but as a learning tool to deal with future situations. I will have notice that I’m on days but unlike this time I will be prepared. I didn’t stick to my eating as little carbs as possible and I did have some alcohol (I discovered Amaretto sours at the end of a buy shift on an acute mental health unit it was lovely!)…so for the record (with some gaps ….although not as many as I thought actually.

Keto 8

Keto 9

When I weighed myself on Wednesday (which I was dreading) – I’d put on 800g which in the scheme of things I don’t reckon was too bad. I am trying to find the positive in all of this.

Anyhoo onwards and upwards wlEmoticon-smile.png