I’m in Heaven!


So this week I was talking to one of my colleagues who is on a weight loss journey too (there are many of us just on the one ward I work on). She told me that she was using an app on her phone to track her calories etc.

Now the first thing I will say is she had me at “app”…I am unashamedly a lover of the app as my poor phone is all to aware of LOL!!). Secondly if I can use an app (an app!!) to help me lose weight then I am all on it. Now I’m not ignorant of apps for weight loss being out there ….HELLO ?!! …I said I LOVE apps!! The point here is knowing what apps are useful and the best way is on recommendation as far as I’m concerned….so….I know it’s not news but this is a really good app


I’ve used the free service (Oh so sue me I’m a skin flint!!) for the past week now and it has really helped me …it has loads of information (goodness knows what the premium version has but I imagine for me it’s probably too much currently.

So a quick breakdown of what you can do with just the basics:

  • Set your goals – the app will help you set goals or you can customise it to whatever eating style you are going for.
  • Keep a food diary
  • Keep a track of your daily nutrients – carbs, calories, vitamins etc

The app will highlight when you are going off track and it’s got a huge database for inputting your food – often when you pop in a brand it’s there which I have to say I am impressed with that as it’s a US based company and they have a lot of the brands we use in New Zealand. There are blogs and recipes and forums so you can connect with others if that’s what you want to do….there are so many resources just within the community there , so much information and we all know knowledge is power.

So far the free app is working brilliantly for me and so for what it’s worth I’d like to add my recommendation to that of many others….well worth giving it a go if you are struggling or just need to give yourself a ready to hand resource to keep you focussed.


WEEK 3 Weigh In & Meals….


So another week has passed and this week and it’s been a good one (happy dance!!).

It could be from that first sentence  you get the idea I lost 🙂 I think I got the whole you need to watch the calories as well you can’t just trough the “OK” because you’re doing keto you still need to watch what you put in (not difficult really is it energy in /energy out = weigh gain or weight loss …..so why is it so hard for many, including me?

Anyhoo weight loss today of 2.1kgs (4.6lbs)

When I say bacon and salad I have 4 slices of streaky for a meal. I also discovered (too late this week) that pomegranate seeds are VERY high in carbs. I will have to be really careful what I put in salads because they are not all created equally…pity because I love adding things like apple and pomegranate seeds but that’s for later for now it’s abourishedding that weight.


Not the most imaginative menu this week but hey it’s a menu and it’s done what it had to do so no complaints.


Good Luck to everyone out in cyberland with your weight journey whatever it may be. I have to say I’m happy with this because I’m eating (not juicing) and I’m enjoying it. It comes back to that whole thing about planning and being organised. Nothing is more true.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Week 2 …weight and meal plan


So it’s been a weird week…back at work and adjusting to this new way of eating. I have to say that whilst I love it it has presented some challenges.

I work night duties and so it’s always a struggle to think of things I can take that are easy to pick up and will be OK if they’re either hot or cold. I have also found that whilst I’ve got my head around being able to eat fat …because that is a real issue after years of being told “fat is bad”. Now I have to get my head around keeping an eye on the calories now because that is another issue with this way of eating.

So all that being said I have put on weight 1.5g (which is why I’ve driveled on about my “issues”.  So total weight loss is 200g…but hey early days and as I said this was always going to be a warts and all positives and negatives.


The Past week…


This isn’t a detailed list of what I’ve eaten….I’ll get in to doing that at some point but this week I’ve just been getting my head around being able to eat fat …and mayo…and did I say fat!!!

So I use an app (hey I’m getting on a bit but I’m not oblivious to the wonderful world of apps 🙂 . It’s a great app that lets me plan meals, store recipes and at the same time generate a shopping list …I could go about it’s wonders but it is saving me remembering what I’ve eaten and more’s the point not having to write down here…because I can just pop in a screenshot of my weeks meals.

Now you will have to forgive there is a bit of a difference in meals because of the time differences (I’m in New Zealand and Pepperplate is a US app) but hey it works for me so today on the planner is my yesterday…it all works out in the end though so it makes no difference from a planning point of view.

Just in case it’s not obvious (because why would it be) the “N” that appears is not some new food type it’s just to remind me that I’m on a night duty so I can figure that in with recipes  – do they take a long time to cook or not, can I make a load in advance and have ready made meals.

Keto week 1.png


I got a lot of my recipes from the internet.

So far this week I’ve not found anything I didn’t like – in fact they have all been delicious. I am trying to keep to 20 grams of carbs a day just because I want to give the weight a kick start – to be honest it hasn’t seemed that hard so far but at the moment I’m still in the honeymoon period where everything is new and lovely so I know at some point that is going to change when I just have to have a sarnie! I don’t want to not be able to eating sandwiches but they are going to be a rarity now rather than the go to.

It all comes to planning – which lets face it is so much of the success of anything… what’s the saying? “Failing to plan means planning to fail” or something like that. This is why I have cooked double portions of everything I’ve eaten this week so that I’ve got the same. again in the freezer – so I can use these when I’m working as a meal at night.

“Breakfast” when I’m working is often hard boiled eggs because they are convenient if we are busy and I can snack on them without coming back to something that tastes horrible if it’s cooled down….and anyway I like hard boiled eggs.



Weigh in Week 1


So I started last week (just didn’t post I started until a couple of days ago so time hasn’t flown that quickly!!).
I’ve dropped 1.7kgs (3.7lbs)


I’ve eaten normally (other than watching carbs). Other than pasta, potatoes and bread (mainly) I’ve eaten all the things I love and a few things I’ve never done before but now love …no juicing …I’ve eaten – Just lovely.

I’ll do a review of what I’ve eaten which, for me, is so if I get stuck for something to eat I can look here and it might be interesting for anyone else who’s reading stuff out there in the www or is thinking about Low Carb or is struggling to lose weight. I think having read the www myself you do realise the more you read you’re not alone.

A new start….


Well blow me down it’s been a year since I wrote on this blog and not the first time I’ve begun again…..hey it’s one of those times when I needed to get my head on straight…. again.

Weight loss isn’t easy as a rule but this time round (over the past couple of years has been the hardest I’ve ever had…15 years ago it seemed a doddle but not this time. I just haven’t been able to get my head around healthy eating in any consistent way over the past year. The trouble is I’m not getting younger and bits of my body are rebelling!! They reckon I’ve got Osteo-arthritis in my knee….now that isn’t going to get better and carrying all of me when there is so much more of me than there should be is not going to help matters.

Slimming world isn’t here in NZ and this time round I just couldn’t think about just juicing…I want to eat!! The only thing I haven’t done with any degree of commitment is low carb eating . I’ve asked myself …hell why would I …I love carbs! Maybe though they don’t love me anymore…..or they love me too much and want to stick around.

So rather than go full on “diet” I thought I’d try reducing my carbs. So I’ve had a look around the www to see what’s available….trawled low carb recipes, considered the cholesterol issues (mine is currently all good and it seems the Keto / Low carb way of eating doesn’t muck up your cholesterol levels in a bad way).

I’m not going to go extreme but I am going to follow a fairly strict carb intake to begin with to get the weight loss going and keep my interest….and then we’ll see.

I said from the beginning of writing this blog that I would be honest (it’s one of my strengths….and at times a weakness lol!!)…it was always going to be warts and all because that’s how things can be at times.

I’m still looking for my Big Fat Kiwi Weightloss …hoping I’m going to find it this time …but if not I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it 🙂



So this week….


I’ve done a lot of juicing and smoothying (that may or not be a word but it’s staying)…but I’ve also eaten. The important thing is I haven’t been hungry….and the great thing is that in the process I’ve lost 4kgs (8.8lb)!!!! So I’m very pleased.

I’ve cut down portion sizes on solid food so I’ve still been able to have most things…..seems I’m back in the mind set i need to be in.

Now I have to try and keep focused on things – work in constant progress Smile

Home made milks…


I’ve started my healthy eating again …hey I didn’t say my journey to a healthier me wouldn’t have twists and turns, roadblocks etc  I’m hoping that 2016 is going to be less dramatic than the last 18 months have been for me but c’est la vie – that’s life. It’s not the getting knocked down that’s a the biggest problem it’s what you do to get back up and how you handle it. I’m human and I struggle and it would have been a pretty boring blog if I started off …Okey dokey I’m going to lose weight and then just did it and bam that was it (although from my point of view that would have been fabulous !!). I’m hoping that this is going to be yet another tool in my kit to getting healthy and it will mean I can have smoothies without worrying about the milk part too much.

Anyhoo I digress….

I’m using a lot of juices and smoothies but obviously I don’t want to drink gallons of milk in the process – it would kind of defeat the point…..so…today I thought I’d have a go at making Oat milk and Coconut milk. Both were a pretty simple process made simpler for me because I wasn’t bothered about sieving them to within an inch of their life – I am quite happy to have the bits in them as added fibre but if someone wasn’t then all you have to do is put the milk through a sieve a couple of times to get rid of the bits. 

Oat Milk
Made from oats and enriched with vitamins and calcium. Low in saturated fat.

  • 1 cup of steel cut or pinhead Oats
  • 3 cups of filtered water (we’re on a well so I use our own water)
  • 1tsp Vanilla extract or Almond essence (Optional – I used both today because one smoothie recipe called for Almond milk which I’m not buying)
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)

A high speed blender is needed really for these milks, not so much the Oat milk if you’re going to sieve it but the coconut milk certainly. My blender isn’t that high speed but I’ve got a Nutri Bullet too so I was able to high speed blitz them in smaller amounts.

Soak the oats for 20 minutes (you can soak them overnight if you want to) this is just to get rid of the slime you get off them when they’re soaked (Oh yes there such a thing as oat slime Sick smile).


Once you’ve done that you rinse the oats several times and when you’re satisfied you’ve got rid of said slime you pop them into your blender.


and add the water and essences along with the honey. After this stage is where you want to sieve it if you’re going to. I didn’t and to be honest once I’d given it a good blitz it wasn’t that bitty and I think the oats make the “milk” have more body to it (otherwise it’s a very watery thing).


Good for…
A low-fat option with all the goodness of oats.

Creamy with a slightly powdery aftertaste. 

Won’t split when heated, good for a white sauce.

Oat milk nutrition per 100ml
45 kcals 120mg calcium 1.5g fat 0.2g sat fat 4g sugar 1.0g protein




Coconut Milk
Made from pressed coconut with added calcium. This is lower in protein, with higher levels of saturated fat than most other plant based options.

  • 1/2 cup of shredded coconut
  • 2 cups of water.
  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt (I used sea salt)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch of 100% stevia or 1 tsp honey or maple syrup (I used honey)

All into a high speed blender and blend for 5 minutes it didn’t take this long and I did it in short blasts because the Nutribullet doesn’t like being on for long periods of time. I would say it was blasted in a minute give or take.

After this sieve if that’s what you want to do …..I didn’t.

Good for…
Vegetarians. Try it with your cereal, and in tea and coffee.

Light with a hint of coconut.

Great for baking, as the coconut flavour won’t overpower the food. Makes a good batch of sweet dairy free pancakes – as the milk is quite thin, you won’t need as much in your batter.

Coconut milk nutrition per 100ml:

25 kcals 120mg calcium 1.8g fat 1.6g sat fat 1.6g sugar 0.2g protein



So my thoughts….

  • I tried making them with different types of oats-  Pinhead / Steel cut and rolled. My opinion (and it’s the only one I’ve got) is the steel cut produced a nicer taste and a creamier consistency (pity because I was hoping the rolled oats would be OK as they’re a lot cheaper …but hey ho).
  • You can sieve them (I did with some of the mix just to see) but to be honest once they’ve been given a good blast in a blender they’re not that bitty.
  • I’m not going to say they are milk but they’re OK in smoothies where you’ve got other things going on ….not sure I’d use them in my cup of tea but they’re good for what I need them for.
  • Doing themself take a little bit of time but it’s going to be a lot cheaper than buying in the quantities I may need.

The Beginning Again….


So I did say when I started this whole journey because it is a journey, journey that I will be on for the rest of my days, that I would tell everything warts and all…successes and failures.

Now I don’t want that to sound all dum..dum….duuuuum….it just is what it is.

Life  throws you curve balls – this year I’ve had a few to begin with my op and wasn’t allowed to diet because of a long term infection, then I had issues with my parents who live on the other side of the planet to me (I’m there only child)…again not excuses but these are the curveballs life throws at you and will take your attention from one area in your life and put it onto another …in my case away from my weight loss journey.

So I’m back to where I started,,,well not quite but in truth all the weight I lost I have put back on with the exception of about 1/2 a kilo.

So onwards and upwards…it’s not what comes at you it what you do when things come at you….the ticker is set and off I go again Sarcastic smile (this is my determined look)


I’m decided as Christmas is coming up in a few weeks I’m going to start with juicing….I want to give myself a bit of jump start.