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Magic Porridge or Magic Porridge Pancakes



  • Low Fat Yoghurt 175g ( I base this on the fact that the recipe normally uses a Muller light yogurt (which I can’t get here) and they are 175g.
  • 28g Porridge Oats
  • 3 eggs
  • Sweetener to taste.

Just mix the yogurt with 28g porridge oats in a bowl & leave in the fridge overnight…..and enjoy cold.

or you could have it hot as pancakes ……Add the eggs and sweetener and you have your pancake mix!

Could be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert.

There are no syns in ‘magic porridge’ if you count the porridge oats as 1 HEXB,
But, if you have to syn the porridge oats they are 5 syns per 28g